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    Catherine Opie

    Self-portrait/cutting, 1993

    Justin Bond, 1993

    Nick, 2003

    Oliver in a Tutu, 2004

    Pig Pen (tattoos), 2009

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    Brendan Monroe, Paintings etc.

    Paintings and a few murals by artist Brendan Monroe:

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    Shots fired.

    Some men have quite a reaction to periods. This really gets me because yeah right would they be able to go through their daily life bleeding from their crotch every month….
    Also, if men were the ones who menstruated there is no doubt that it would be less taboo, everyone would talk about it like they do erections..

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  • It’s like a very strange dance.. 

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  • 1991 - Azealia Banks

    #Azealia Banks
    #1991 - Azealia Banks
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    From what I recall the guy burning it is a model who had to wear that shirt for a shoot, and once it was done he burned the stupid thing.

    now that is a cool story

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  • Goin’ hard. 

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